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Alitura - Derma Roller

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Alitura’s Derma Roller has micro-needles that promote a mild inflammatory response. This response may help to:

  • Boost collagen production, and combat stretch marks and cellulite.

  • Reduce the visibility of scarring and premature skin ageing.

  • Reduce the appearance of large pores.

  • Diminish the appearance of bags and dark circles under eyes.

  • 0.25 - 1.00mm

    Alitura - Derma Roller

    Detailed product information

    What is a Derma Roller?

    Derma Rolling has been around for years, previously only used by prestigious dermatologists for anti-aging and beautification purposes. It has been a secret amongst celebrities, actors and actresses but the secret has now come out! You can now utilize this amazing tool in the comforts of your own home.

    The Alitura Derma Roller has 600 Titanium Microneedles. As you roll the microneedles across the surface of your skin, it creates micro-punctures along the dermis and epidermis skin layers. This evokes an acute inflammatory response, which stimulates the healing process, cell generation, blood and oxygen flow and thus renewed, healthier skin and is the best way to freshen up your appearance for the high performance lifestyle.

    The Alitura Derma Rolla comes in 3 different sizes:

    • 0.25 mm – Beginner
    • 0.50 mm – Intermediate
    • 1.00 mm – Advanced

    Wash your face to prepare your skin,

    Apply The Alitura Derma Roller (we recommend starting with the 0.5mm) in (+) and (x) directions, up and down, and then diagonally. Be careful to not drag the roller as that can irritate and "scrape" the skin. Use light to medium pressure when applying. Cover the entire target area, it may be red, that is fine.

    Once you have finished making little crosses all over your face and neck, apply your Alitura Clay mask and allow it to dry.

    Click the video to see how Andy does his Derma rolling routine.

    Note: for best practice discard the roller after 10 uses.


    The Science Behind Derma Rolling: Micro-wounding, Healing & Skin Regeneration

    When tissues in our bodies become injured, there is a natural inflammatory response that helps the body repair the injury. If an injury is severe, it can result in chronic inflammation, which causes the wound to heal imperfectly, resulting in scar tissue. A Derma Roller, like a massage, creates a very minor injury to the skin, which generates acute inflammation that can achieve perfect healing.

    The science behind Derma Rolling’s anti-aging abilities have much to do with this process. Through Derma Rolling, we can intentionally stimulate the healing process, which arouses skin cell regeneration and regrowth. It works on everything from acne, to severe skin scars that are already riddled with calcification and fibrosis.

    There are likely two mechanisms responsible for this:

    1. Calcification Regulation

    One of the major benefits of Derma Rolling, and why I got into it, is its profound ability to healing scars. By intentionally inflicting micro-wounds to the skin, the process of calcification (scar tissue) is downregulated. Derma Rolling turns down what are known as “calcification inducers”, while increasing Growth Factor Beta 1 & 2, and also upregulating calcification inhibitors. Together, this inhibits the further production of scar tissue, reverses it and promotes future scarless This is fantastic news for anyone with scaring issues, be it acne scaring or worse.

    2. Angiogenesis

    Also known as the formation of new blood vessels and capillary networks that provide oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. It appears that acute aids in this process. This is hugely beneficial to the skin, considering that most aging issues of the skin (wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging) are caused by decreased oxygen and blood flow to the skin cells. But Derma Rolling reversing this process, helping the body reproduce new blood vessels, providing starving skin cells with more blood, oxygen and nutrients.

    With these primary actions, Derma Rollers are scientifically proven to:

    • Increase absorption of nutrients from your favorite skincare products – as you Derma Roll, blood circulation to the capillaries in your skin dramatically increases. Therefore, any moisturizers, serums or masks you use will work even better as the nutrients in them are driven to your skin cells.
    • Make your skin younger – your skin will not only look younger; it will actually be younger on a cellular level. Microneedling leads to the release of growth factors which stimulate the formation of new collagen (collagen synthesis), and elastin in the papillary dermis. In other words, it renews your skin cells, creating younger, healthier, flawless skin.
    • Regenerate new skin cells and blood vessels, it’s like a cellular makeover for your skin.
    • Eliminate scar tissue, stretch marks, cellulite, and minimize pores – along with any other inflammatory issues of the skin, acne and other blemishes.
    Brad Johnston founding partner of Functional Self

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