Diet and supplementation are two key pillars of your health, and together these make up your nutrition - the macro and micronutrients that fuel your body. Great nutrition can boost energy, optimise brain function, help regulate sleep, nourish your body and help you feel great.  

We always opt for the most natural, food-based form when selecting our supplements and our suppliers. This is because food-based supplements provide micronutrients to your body in the way that nature intended. Choosing the natural form over a synthetic version means the micronutrients are highly bioavailable and easy to absorb, digest and assimilate in your body.

Quality is everything when it comes to diet and supplementation. Have you ever noticed that highly processed foods are often ‘fortified’ with synthetic vitamins? Most supermarket cereals and breads contain artificial forms of micronutrients like iron, folate, calcium, and vitamins A, C and D.  This is because these inflammatory foods are naturally low in nutritional value, and would be better replaced with real foods like fruit, vegetables, meats and seafood.

Even when choosing quality nutrient-dense foods, our modern food system has introduced some major obstacles to staying healthy through diet alone. These include mineral depletion in the soil; pesticide, herbicide and fungicide sprays on our food; air pollution and other environmental toxins. While it would be great to get all of our nutrients through diet alone, most of us need to include some level of supplementation to be at our best. To help you find out exactly which supplements you need, and which ones you don’t need, we provide a personalised lab testing and health coaching service (find out more here).

Our favourite food-based supplements are:


  1. EVCLO - One of nature’s best sources of key nutrients Vitamin A, Vitamin D and long chain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important contributors to heart health, mental health and a strong immune system.

  2. Great Lakes Wellness- Collagen contains amino acids which support healthy bones, protect your joints and aid the repair of connective tissue throughout your body. You can get collagen through your diet by including bone broth, organic meats and organ meat. We wrote more about the benefits of supplementing with collagen here.

  3. Smidge® Kakadu Plum capsules - Vitamin C  is known to support immunity and cellular health support, which in turn can help with preventing free radicals. Vitamin C is also great for brain and skin health, and mood, inflammation and energy support. Kakadu plums are an amazing natural source for vitamin C.