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Have you been searching for someone who can support you in a holistic way, pinpointing key areas of concern? Do you want someone who can support your mind and body to function at its optimal level?

At Functional Self, through our own health journeys and those of our clients, we have developed a broad knowledge of health including nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation. Our coaches, uniquely trained in each of these areas, will provide you with a personalised solution, tailored to your current expression of health, so you can maximise your physical, mental & emotional capacity.

Interwoven into your tailored plan are two deeper level approaches, offered individually or together as one. Through functional lab-based testing we investigate potential underlying factors contributing to your current position of health (e.g. food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, or other internal stressors such as parasites). And through epigenetic profiling we empower you with knowledge that is specific to you, such as the timing and type of foods that will support your optimal energy levels and maximise your brain function, as well as your best time to go to sleep and wake up, the best time of day for you to exercise to maximise your outputs, and much more.

You will receive a free initial 15 minute consultation, which includes a conversation about your key areas of concern and your desired outcomes. If we are a good fit for you, we will start the ball rolling and provide you with a personalised program, supporting you to reach your goals.

Start optimising your health today, get in touch below.

No 'one-size fits all' model here! Science based guidance, tailoring your diet to suit your unique body.

One-on-one personal training sessions, motivating and empowering you to achieve your goals faster.

Taking the guesswork out of supplementation. We support you in understanding which supplements will be the best fit for your unique body.

Quality sleep is a critical component of your overall wellbeing. We can assist you in creating a plan to develop healthy sleep habits.

Overcome the excuse of not having enough time to optimise your health. Our complete packages can be provided online, inluding our full range of functional lab testing and epigenetic profiling.

Emotional barriers can at times contribute to not reaching our optimal health. We can assist you in overcoming these barriers through personalised health coaching, diagnostic testing and heart rate variability analysis.

Free consultation

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time to plant a tree is TODAY! To start optimising your health TODAY, contact us now.

Your free initial consultation will be conducted as a 15 minute skype or phone conversation.

Please get in touch with us using the below form, and select the key area you would like to work on. Depending on your goals, one of our coaches will contact you to arrange the initial consultation – this is usually done via email and skype.

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